Outdoor Living descriptions






General Merchandise

This Department is currently being used as an area that contains all items not belonging to another conventional Department.

Outdoor Living

Products generally intended to maintain, develop, or improve the outdoor space of a home.

Fencing & Hardware

Products to help install, construct, repair, and maintain fencing.

Fence Posts

Wooden, metal, or plastic posts that are stuck into the ground to provide stability for fences. The body of the fence is then attached to the posts to create the intended barrier.

Fences & Gates

A fence is a structure that creates a barrier or enclosure around a particular area, typically outside. A gate is an entry point through a fence, often in the form of a section of the fence on hinges, swinging to enable or restrict access.

Fencing Hardware

Metal hardware used for assembling fences, including screws, brackets, hinges, tension wires, post anchors, etc.

Fencing Tools

Tools specifically designed for fence construction, including hog ring pliers, cable grips, stretch bars, and pipe cutters.

Fertilizers and Mulch

Products to help protect outdoor plants from severe weather conditions or spur their growth.


Substance (natural or synthetic) applied to soil to help stimulate plant growth.


Material added as a layer on top of soil as a covering. Used to retain moisture in soil or keep soil cool in and around plant area. Mulch can be organic or synthetic

Fire Pits, Grills, Parts & Accessories

Products designed to make use of flames outdoors, either for warmth, cooking, or decoration.

Fire Pits & Fire Pit Kits

Enclosed structures for burning fires outdoors. Can be placed into a hole in the ground or above ground. Kits are sold separately as the materials needed to construct fire pit at home, with stones and pit ring included.

Fire Pits & Grill Parts & Accessories

Additional pieces for fire pits and grills. Examples include spark screens, pokers, spatulas, tongs, etc


Also known as barbecues, grills are cooking devices that apply direct, dry heat to food. Open flames are generated through either propane gas or charcoals, then food is placed on cast iron grates. Often equipped with wheels for easy transportation and a lid for either open or closed grilling options.

Outdoor Cooking Equipment Covers

Fabric material made to be placed over and around outdoor cooking equipment while not being used. Helps protect against sun damage and dirt/dust exposure.

Outdoor Kitchens

Kitchen equipment designed for outdoor use. Common examples of outdoor kitchen equipment include grills, refrigerators, sinks, drawers, and cabinets. Due to outdoor exposure, most equipment is made of stainless steel.

Patio Heaters

Propane-fueled heat-producing devices used for creating warmer temperatures outdoors. Available in wall-mounted and self-standing tower (on wheels) options.


Cooking devices that expose food to smoke from burning or smoldering material, most often wood chips. Smoldering material is contained in separate section, while smoke travels to main compartment where food is kept while it cooks.

Garden Tools

Products designed for maintaining and caring for a garden.


Garden tool used for creating well-defined edges between sections of garden, most commonly between a lawn and another surface, such as a paved path. Can be battery- or gas-powered.

Garden Gloves & Kneeling Pads

Designed specifically for gardening purposes, these gloves protect against scratches and other damage incurred during gardening work. Made of latex or other thick fabric. Kneeling pads are thick foam pads designed to soften the surface on which gardeners kneel to do their work.

Garden Trowels

Hand-held gardening tool consisting of a handle and a tapered metal piece attached to one end. Metal piece is wider at the base of the handle, then tapers to a more pointed end on the other side, allowing for digging up small areas of soil.

Hatchets & Axes

Tools consisting of a long handle and a blade attached to one end of the handle. User strikes down on material to cut or chop it. Blade is thicker at attached end, fitting flush against the handle, becoming thinner and sharper until it reaches the end of the blade. Hatchets are smaller versions of axes.

Hoes & Cultivators

Garden tools with long handles (around 3-4 feet) and metal head attached to one end. Used to cultivate soil and remove weeds. The difference between hoes and cultivators is in the shape of the respective metal heads: hoes feature a single piece of metal with no breaks (like a shovel), whereas cultivators feature a metal piece fashioned with “teeth,” more similar to a rake.

Pruners & Shears

Handheld garden tools with two handles attached by a spring, with two blades that cross each other like a pair of scissors. Used for cutting or trimming leaves and small branches.


Garden tools with long handles (around 3-4 feet) and attached head featuring multiple “teeth”. Used for gathering leaves and other yard debris. Can be made of plastic or metal.

Shovels & Tampers

Garden tools with long handles (around 3-4 feet) used for digging up or pounding down soil. Shovels feature a metal head that is round or flat on the attached end and gradually tapers into a sharper end. When pressure is put onto the handle, the shovel will sink into the soil and user can then lift it out. Tampers feature a heavy metal end attached to the handle, with a flat end that is used for pounding down soil.

Wheelbarrows & Carts

Garden equipment used for transporting materials. Features a container to store materials and wheels attached to the bottom for rolling and handles for steering. Container may be made of plastic or metal.

Insect and Pest Control

Products designed to repel or kill pests, including insects and rodents.

Animal Traps & Repellents

Devices made for either trapping animals or keeping them away from specific areas. Traps will catch animals, whereas repellents will use lights, smells, or sonar signals to detract animals from coming near.

Bug Zappers

Devices made for killing insects, equipped with LED lightbulb and electric shock device. The shock triggers when insects land on the device.

Garden Insect Control

Products designed to prevent harmful insects from inhabiting gardens. Can be synthetic chemicals or natural products. Sprayed onto plants and flowers, either to kill insects that are already there and/or prevent others from coming.

Home Insect Control

Products designed to prevent harmful insects from inhabiting homes. Can be synthetic chemicals or natural products. Sprayed inside home, either to kill insects that are already there and/or prevent others from coming.

Lawn Insect Control

Products designed to prevent harmful insects from inhabiting lawns. Can be synthetic chemicals or natural products. Sprayed directly onto grass, either to kill insects that are already there and/or prevent others from coming.

Personal Insect Repellents

Products designed to keep insects away from humans. Typically come in spray bottles or moist wipes. Chemicals go directly on skin to repel pesky insects.

Lawn Mowers

Products designed to cut grass.

Brush & Field Mowers

Used for cutting tall, thick brush and grass. Two counter-rotating blades discharge the cut grass to the center-rear, which helps reduce the possibility of front discharge of larger objects (rocks, sticks, etc.) Available as Riding or Push. Can be gas or battery powered.

Commercial Lawn Mowers

Designed for companies that use mowers regularly (unlike homeowners who only have one lawn to mow). More expensive than non-commercial mowers because they are more durable and are equipped with higher quality engines, structures, and construction.

Push Mowers

Equipped with a motor that turns blades, but doesn’t propel the mower forward. Users must push mower as they cut grass. Push mowers have four wheels and a rear catch bag. Can be gas or battery powered.

Reel Lawn Mowers

No motor, so manual operation is required. Helix-shaped blades rotate as user pushes the mower forward, cutting the grass. Reel mowers don’t have bags attached, so lawn clippings are left behind.

Riding Mower & Tractor Attachment

Used when additional features are needed to complete a task with riding mowers or tractors. Attachments are generally fitted with wheels and are fastened to the back of mower or tractor. Examples include, but are not limited to, Lawn Sweepers, Aerators, and Dethatchers.

Riding Mowers

User rides on mower itself, controlling it with gas and brake pedals, as well as a steering mechanism—almost like a car. Can be gas or battery powered. Because of advanced features and functionality, Riding Mowers tend to be more expensive than other mower types.

Robotic Lawn Mowers

Self-propelled, self-guided mower. User programs the robot to cut the lawn on its own, guided by boundary wires that restrict mowing area. Robot operates on a pre-programmed schedule, automatically turning on and mowing lawn.

Self-Propelled Mowers

Equipped with an engine that propels the mower forward and turns the blades. User is only responsible for steering the mower, not pushing it. Most Self-Propelled Mowers resemble Push Mowers (four wheels, rear catch bag, battery or gas powered) but do not require manual power.

Mailboxes & Accessories

Products designed to hold mail.

Mailbox and Post Combo

Post mounted mailbox sold in a set with the post. Post is placed in or attached to the ground, then mailbox is mounted to the top.

Mailbox Parts & Accessories

Replacement parts and accessories for mailbox items, including flags, lights, locks and keys, and pedestals.

Mailbox Posts

Posts that get placed in or attached to the ground, designed to support an attached mailbox.

Post-mount Mailboxes

Mailboxes designed to be attached to a post, rather than a wall. Typically feature an opening on the outward-facing side to insert or retrieve mail.

Wall-mount Mailboxes

Mailboxes designed to be attached to a wall, rather than a post. Typically feature an opening on the top to insert or retrieve mail

Outdoor Decor

Products designed for outdoor decoration, including water accessories, chimes, statues, etc.

Bird baths

Outdoor stand consisting of a pedestal and a wide, shallow bowl attached to top of stand. Water is placed inside the bowl to attract birds, who then come to bathe and drink.

Bird houses

Outdoor model structure, designed to attract and house birds. Made to be either placed on a stand or hung from a tree branch or other outdoor structure. Most commonly available as a miniature house model, but other designs are also available.

Fountains and Accessories

Structure that jets water into the air or pours water down into a lower basin. Used to either provide drinking water or for dramatic effect. Accessories include fabric covers, water grates, pumps, fountain heads, etc.

Gazing balls and stands

Gazing balls are decorative items placed in gardens with iridescent or reflective outer coating. Placed on a stand to perch it above the ground and reflect the surrounding garden.

Lawn statues

Decorative object placed in garden or on lawn. Typically made of ceramic, plastic, wood, or stone.

Outdoor thermometers and rain gauges

Devices designed to be placed outside. Thermometers will display the outdoor temperature, while rain gauges measure the amount of rainfall

Planters & Pots

Structures to hold plants and soil. Terms often used interchangeably, but some hierarchies denote a difference in that planters include drainage holes, whereas pots are sealed all the way around to prevent drainage. Available in various materials, including ceramic, wood, plastic, metal, fiberglass, etc.

Ponds and accessories

Decorative outdoor structures to hold water. Smaller than a pool but larger than a fountain. Often designed to hold fish outdoors. Accessories include pumps, filters, water courses, and decorative elements.

Weather vanes and sundials

Weather vanes are revolving pointers that indicate the direction of the wind, usually placed on top of a building. Equipped with four points, indicating north, south, east, and west. Sundials are pieces of equipment that tell the time of day when the sun is out. Consists of a flat plane and an angled piece (usually made of metal) that casts a shadow on the plate, indicating the time based on the relative position of the sun.

Wind chimes and spinners

Decorative outdoor items that respond to the wind. Chimes will make noise as they sway in the wind, with a trick metal piece striking thin, hollow metal tubes. Spinners consist of various pieces that spin around and reflect light as the wind blows.

Outdoor Lighting

Products designed to increase the illumination of outdoor space, either for decoration or security.

Ceiling lights

Lights designed to be mounted to outdoor ceilings. Light fixture mounted flush onto ceiling.

Dusk to dawn lights

Lights that detect natural light, turning on when the sun sets and back off when the sun rises. Typically available as wall mounted lanterns.


Light fixtures equipped with motion sensors, turning on only when sensor detects movement.

Outdoor ceiling fans

Fans designed for outdoor use, mounted to ceiling. Typically equipped with longer, thinner arms than those of a smaller desk fan. May feature light feature.

Outdoor lanterns

Single-standing lighting equipment, featuring either a built-in LED light bulb or a holder for a candle. Typically features a handle on the top for easy transportation and a metal frame with glass or plastic windows to allow light to shine through.

Outdoor light parts and accessories

Additional pieces of hardware or accessories for outdoor lighting equipment, including covers, adapters, holders, wire guards, swivel mounts, etc.

Outdoor lighting light bulbs

Light bulbs designed to specifically accommodate outdoor lighting fixtures.


Lights designed to be mounted onto outdoor ceiling. The mount is attached to the ceiling with a wire connecting it to the main pendant light fixture below.

Post lights and path lights

Light fixtures designed to illuminate paths or garden areas. Around 2 feet in height, the fixtures are made to be stuck into the ground, consisting of a long post with the main light bulb area on the top.

Rope and string lighting

A series of lights attached to and powered by the same cord. Designed for outdoor use, these lights consist of either several individual bulbs or a string of many LED lights.


Wall mounted flood lights, often equipped with motion sensors. Lighting intended to create full illumination of area, rather than aesthetically pleasing light, like many other lighting options.

Torches and lanterns

Torches are hand-held lights consisting of a long handle with a light fixture attached to the top end. Can be either LED lights or oil-burning.

Wall lights

Light fixtures designed to be mounted to the wall. Often consists of either a hood/shade over the lightbulb or a glass casing that surrounds the bulb entirely.

Outdoor Power Equipment

Motorized tools designed to clean, trim, and otherwise maintain outdoor space.


Tool with helical bit used for boring holes into solid materials, such as wood, ice, or soil.


Tool with many small blades attached to a rotating chain. Used to cut materials in activities such as limbing, tree felling, pruning, and firewood harvesting.

Chipper Shredders

Machine used for reducing trees (usually branches or limbs) into smaller pieces by chipping or shredding. Resulting pieces of chipped wood are often reused as mulch.


Outdoor equipment used as a storage bin for organic materials as they go through the composting process. Equipped with a door through which materials can be inserted or removed. Often sits on an axle so users can periodically rotate the composter to agitate and mix the materials.


Gas-powered electrical system that converts gas into electricity.

Hedge trimmers

Gardening tool used for cutting hedges or shrubs. Can be gas or electric powered. Blade features many small teeth that vibrate rapidly back and forth along the length of the tool.

Leaf blowers

Gardening tool that propels air out of a nozzle to move debris, such as leaves or grass cuttings. Can be gas or electric powered. Typically self-contained handheld units or backpack mounted units with a handheld wand (that directs the propelled air).

Log splitters

Machinery used for splitting rounds of firewood from larger logs (or rounds). Consists of an engine (either gas or electric powered), a rod and piston assembly, and a blade. The motor pushes forward a shaft, forcing the wood into a blade on the other end of the assembly, which then splits the wood.

Plate compactors

Machinery used for creating level grades. A gas-powered motor drives a vibrating, flat baseplate into the ground to flatten surfaces. User pushes the machine forward with a handle that extends from the base.

Pressure washers

Cleaning tool that uses a pump to generate high-pressure water streams to clean flat surfaces. Consists of pump, hose, and hand-held nozzle.

Rototillers and Cultivators

Motorized equipment designed to till soil in careful patterns to prepare it for planting or remove weeds once crops have already begun growing. Blades on rototillers and cultivators rotate as user guides machine through soil, disturbing the soil as it goes.

Snow Removal Equipment

Motorized equipment designed to move snow from one location to another, particularly from paths, walkways, driveways, or streets. Examples include snow blowers, plows, and salt spreaders.

Stump Grinders

Motorized tool that uses high-speed disk equipped with sharp teeth to grind tree stumps or roots into small chips. Can be as small as a lawn mower or as large as a truck. Gas powered.


Yard equipment used for trimming grass, weeds, or shrubs. Hand-held tool consisting of a handle, a long shaft, and a rotating disk featuring two lengths of string (either plastic or metal wire) that spin quickly to cut through yard materials. Can be gas or electric powered.

Outdoor Structures

Structures designed to be installed outdoors (either free-standing or attached to another structure), for recreational, functional, or emergency shelter.

Arbors and Trellises

Arbors are outdoor, vertical, arch-like structures in landscapes or gardens that provide shade, privacy, or serve as an accent. Typically made or metal or wood, and placed over a path. Its walls and roof are made of an open framework to accommodate the growth of vines. Trellises are outdoor, vertical, wall-like structures in landscapes or gardens that are typically made of metal or wood. Made of open framework to accommodate growth of vines.


Outdoor structures designed to provide shade and covering to otherwise uncovered outdoor areas. May be designed for more permanent placement or equipped with collapsible framework for easy transportation.

Carports and Portable Garages

Structure designed to provide covering for cars or other vehicles, even when outside. Typically made of metal or plastic and can be made to accommodate one or more cars. Most consist of roof covering and open-sided sides, held up by support poles.

Door and Window awnings

An awning is a secondary covering attached to the outside of a building to provide additional cover, either over a door or a window. Typically made of canvas or polyester fabric pulled taut over a metal frame, but also available as solid metal sheets.


A roofed free-standing structure, detached from other buildings. Usually placed in a yard or garden. May consist of only support poles and a roof or may also include attached flooring. Typically made of wood or metal.


Structures with walls and a roof, supported by solid beams but consisting mostly of transparent material, such as glass or plastic. Intended to be used as a structure to house plants that require climate control, as the inside of the greenhouse maintains temperatures significantly higher than outside environment.

Patio awnings

Same intended use as door and window awnings, but intended for use on patio. May be attached to wall adjacent to patio or may be free-standing, acting as a large outdoor umbrella with a base stand and a retractable structure.


Outdoor garden structure forming a shaded walkway, seating area, or passageway, constructed from vertical posts and a latticed roof, similar to a larger version of trellises.


Miniature model home meant for children to play in and around. Typically constructed from plastic or wood, featuring doors to enter and exit through and windows to look through. May include additional features, such as a slide or an attached picnic table.

Porch and patio enclosures

Panel structures that form walls to surround and enclose a porch or patio. Can be made of glass, vinyl, or metal to protect from the outdoor elements.

Post Frame Buildings

Simplified structures using large poles or posts buried in the ground or on a foundation to provide structural support, along with sheeting rails to provide horizontal support. Outer structure is added to the building once framework is built. Commonly used at outbuildings in rural or agricultural areas.

Screen Houses

Self-standing structures constructed of metal or plastic framework with screen material forming the walls and roof. Protects from bugs and other outside items, but doesn’t protect against wind or rain.


Simple, single-story roofed structure that is typically used for storage, hobbies, or as a workshop. Sheds vary considerably in size, ranging from large enough to store bicycles to several feet in width and depth. Made from metal, wood, or plastic.

Shed accessories

Additional parts for sheds, including shelves, anchor kits, replacement covers, ramps, skylights, windows, etc.

Storm shelters

Heavy duty structure designed to withstand the forces of powerful storms, particularly tornadoes. Can be indoor or outdoor, above ground or underground.

Patio Furniture

Furniture designed to be stored and used outdoors. Usually made of more durable materials than indoor furniture to withstand the elements.

Deck boxes

Outdoor storage structures made of plastic, wood, or metal. Typically rectangular in shape, shorter than they are wide, equipped with a lid that opens and closes from the top. Capacity volume ranges from less than 50 gallons to over 150 gallons.

Hammocks and Accessories

A hammock is a bed made of canvas or rope mesh, suspended by cords at each end. Accessories for hammocks include drink holders, straps, stands, rain tarps, etc.

Patio Benches and Swings

Benches and swings made specifically for outdoor use on patio, made from wood, plastic, or metal. Swings may either swing from axle built into the structure itself or from bolts attached to ceiling.

Patio chairs

Chairs made specifically for outdoor use on patio, made from wood, plastic, or metal.

Patio Chaise Lounges

Long reclining chairs made for outdoor use. May or may not include cushions for added comfort. Made of wood, metal, or plastic.

Patio Coolers

Insulated storage structures made for keeping items cold, designed for use on outdoor patios. Typically supported by four legs (can be on wheels), with cooler section elevated from the ground.

Patio Furniture Sets

Furniture sets, including chairs, benches, tables, and umbrellas (not all items are uniformly included in every set), designed for outdoor use. Typically made of wood plastic, or metal.

Patio Furniture Cushions

Padded cushions made specifically for patio furniture for added comfort. Typically made of canvas fabric exterior.

Patio Privacy Screens

Vertical structure intended to add privacy to outdoor setting by limiting visibility. Material may be solid (not see-through at all) or woven (semi-see-through) to either block or obfuscate visibility. Typically made of wood, metal, or plastic.

Patio Sofas and Loveseats

Sofas and loveseats (smaller sofa, fits up to two people) made specifically for outdoor patio use. Consist of wicker, wood, plastic, or metal base with thick cushions placed on bottom and along back.

Patio Tables

Tables made specifically for outdoor patio use. Typically made of wicker, wood, plastic, or metal. May have a glass top and/or a center hole to fit a patio umbrella.

Patio Furniture Covers

External covers for patio furniture to protect against outside elements. Typically made of weatherproof polyester. May be custom-fitted to particular pieces of furniture or may be designed with generic dimensions.

Patio Umbrellas and Bases

Outdoor umbrellas designed to either fit into center hole of patio table or as self-standing, moveable umbrella for use anywhere on patio. Bases are heavy, providing solid standing for umbrella in various conditions. Patio umbrellas are typically retractable, with frames made of metal or plastic and outer covering made of canvas or polyester.

Pavers, Stones and Accessories

Products designed to be laid on the ground to form walkways or decorative layers of a garden area.


Landscaping tool that creates borders between sections of garden or yard. Typically made of steel, rubber, or concrete, edging is a long, thin piece of material that is laid into the ground.

Landscape Rocks

Small pebbles (typically between 0.4-0.5 cu. ft.) used as a top layer for landscaping and gardening areas, rather than soil, mulch, bark, grass, etc.


Solid blocks used to create solid ground around landscaped areas. Typically made of porcelain or concrete, pavers fit together similarly to bricks to create a smooth, uniform ground surface.

Paving Accessories

Additional parts or tools for pavers, including molds, edges, drainage products, lighting, etc.

Stepping Stones

Stones used in landscaping to create path, often without a uniform ground. Stepping stones form a clear path, but are often surrounded by grass, landscape rocks, or other landscaping materials. Typically made of concrete.

Wall Blocks

Concrete blocks larger in size than standard bricks. Come in both solid and hollow formats, and used mainly in load bearing walls where strength is important.

Plants, Trees & Bulbs

Living flora intended for decoration and landscaping.

Ground Covers

Any plant that grows over an area of ground. Provides protection for the topsoil from erosion and drought. Common examples include lily of the valley, creeping thyme, creeping juniper, and ajuga.

Indoor/Outdoor Plants

Plants intended to be kept indoors, outdoors, or both.

Raised Garden Beds

Structures used to contain and elevate planting areas above ground level. Four-sided without a top, and may or may not have a bottom. Those with a bottom typically also feature legs that raise the bed off the ground entirely. Those without a bottom are usually lined with gopher wire then filled with soil before planting. Used to keep pests and weeds out of plants.

Seeds and Bulbs

A seed is a flowering plant’s unit of reproduction, whereas a bulb is a rounded storage organ present in some flowering plants, used to store nutrients during dormancy. Consumers will buy seeds and bulbs when they want to cultivate flowers and other plants rather than buy them already grown.

Trees and Shrubs

Trees are plants with a single, permanently woody trunk that grow to considerable heights and produce supporting branches with leaves. Shrubs are woody plants that have many stems, none of them dominant (unlike a tree trunk).

Pools and Accessories

Products designed for outdoor activity in the water.

Goggles, Snorkels, & Swim Caps

Goggles are eyewear worn underwater. They fit tightly against the face so as to keep water out of the eyes. Goggles do not include a breathing tube. Snorkels are eyewear worn underwater that include a breathing tube. The eyes are covered by one long plastic piece that stretches across both eyes. Users place one end of breathing tube in their mouth and breathe through it while near the surface of the water, as the opposite end of the tube remains above water. Swim caps are tightly fitting garments worn by swimmers to reduce underwater friction, keep hair dry, or protect from chlorinated water.

Personal Flotation Devices

Equipment designed to keep wearers afloat in water. Personal Flotation Devices come in a variety of sizes and forms, including life vests, life jackets, or inflatable belts. They may require inflation before use.

Pool Cleaning & Treatment Chemicals

Chemicals designed to use in pool cleaning and maintenance, including, but not limited to, chlorine (liquid and dissolving tabs), bromide solution, sodium bicarbonate, and muriatic acid.

Pool Cleaning Equipment

Tools designed for cleaning and maintaining pools. Examples include, but aren’t limited to, poles, nets, brushes, and pool vacuums.

Pool Parts & Accessories

Elements that aid in the functionality or improvement of pool performance. These items include, but aren’t limited to, filters, valves, heaters, lighting, pumps, and solar controllers.


Large containers of water intended for swimming. Can be installed in ground, above ground and can be used commercially or residentially. Come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Spas, Saunas & Accessories

A spa is typically much smaller than a pool and is intended for lounging rather than swimming. Can be in ground or above ground. A sauna is a small room designed to provide an experience of either wet or dry heat, making users perspire while inside. Accessories for spas and saunas include, but are not limited to, thermometers, headrests, backrests, benches, heater stones, and covers.

Water Toys & Floats

Items designed for playing with in the water. Water toys include floating balls, water guns, and plastic floating animals. Floats are inflatable items designed for lounging on the water. Typically made out of PVC vinyl and available in various shapes and sizes, including chairs, flat mattresses, or rings.

Snow and Ice Removal

Products designed to remove and melt snow and ice.

Ice melt

Chemical product that causes ice to melt when applied. Consists of a blend of sodium chloride, magnesium chloride pellets, and calcium chloride pellets. May be applied by hand or through an ice melt spreader tool. Typically sold in 40-50lb containers.

Ice scrapers

Handheld tool for removing frost, ice, and snow from windows or other surfaces. Consist of handle and wide, dull plastic or metal blade attached to the end.

Roof rakes

Tool for removing snow from roofs, consisting of a long, telescoping handle and a plastic or metal wide edge attached to the end, similar to a hoe.

Snow brushes

Brushes designed specifically for removing snow from cars. An alternative tool to an ice scraper that is less likely to scratch the surface of vehicles.

Snow shovels

Shovels designed specifically for moving snow. Typically have a wide shovel surface area to accommodate large amounts of snow at once.

Swingsets & Playsets

Large outdoor play structures, meant for playing on and around, including swinging, climbing, etc.


Miniature model home meant for children to play in and around. Typically constructed from plastic or wood, featuring doors to enter and exit through and windows to look through. May include additional features, such as a slide or an attached picnic table.


Outdoor structure consisting of various features for children to play on and around, including ladders, climbing walls, monkeybars, stairs, and swings. Can be made of metal, wood, or hard plastic.

Swingset and Playset Accessories

Additional parts to complement swingsets and playsets, including swings, climbing nets, bells, tic-tac-toe spinners, etc.


Outdoor structure with swings attached to top beam. Frame may be made of metal, wood, or hard plastic.

Water & Irrigation

Products related to watering outdoor areas (hoses, sprinklers, accessories, etc.)

Drip Irrigation

Low-pressure, low-volume lawn and garden watering system. Through a drip, stream, or spray, drip irrigation systems keep roots moist, but not soaked, using less water than other watering techniques.

Garden hose

Flexible tube used to direct water from a tap and provide water to various elements of a garden.

Garden hose shut-off

Valve screwed onto water tap, then garden hose attached to other side. Features a valve that can be opened and closed to restrict or allow water flow.

Hose reels and accessories

Hose reels are used for garden hose storage, consisting of central axle and rotating handle. As user rotates handle, hose coils itself around the central axle to easily store garden hose. Accessories include reel swivels, reel stoppers, reel locking pawl, etc.

Hose repair tools

Tools for repairing damaged hoses, including crimpers, clamps, couplings, etc.

Nozzles and wands

Attachments screwed onto end of hose to direct or disperse flow of water. Nozzles are smaller attachments with a trigger that, when pressed, allows water to flow. Wands are longer attachments with tube extending from end of hose before spraying water.

Rain barrels

Tanks or barrels used for collecting rain runoff, typically from a roof, to be reused later for lawns, gardens, or indoor plants. Typically made of plastic and feature a spigot for easy flow of water.


Device that sprays water, used to irrigate lawns, gardens, or other plants. Connected to a garden hose, then disperses and sprays water to various nearby areas.

Sprinkler timers

Electrical devices that set certain times for sprinklers to turn off and on automatically. Models available for both standard and underground sprinkler systems.

Underground sprinkler systems

Systems of sprinklers, which spray water to irrigate lawns, gardens, and other plants, that are connected through a system of underground piping. Typically feature an automated sprinkler timer device.

Watering cans

Cans featuring a connected tube and nozzle, designed to hold water and disperse it in an even, regulated fashion for handheld watering.