Adding text and filters to dashboards

Once in edit mode of a dashboard, you can add text tiles by clicking Add Tile from the top left of the dashboard pane and then clicking Text.

This brings up a window where you can add a title, subtitle, and body. All of these elements are optional.

Titles and subtitles support some HTML, including links and images. You can also use some HTML in the bodies of text tiles. Body text supports a subset of the Markdown markup language. Once you save, you will see your text tile at the bottom of the dashboard. It can then be moved and resized just as you would move and resize other tiles.

Adding dashboard filters to a dashboard

The queries underlying dashboard tiles may include filters, but you can also add filters to a dashboard itself, which can affect all tiles or just select tiles. Dashboard filters allow users to narrow a dashboard’s results to only the data they are interested in.

To add dashboard filters, you must have at least one query tile or Look-linked tile on the dashboard. Then, you can add filters by entering edit mode and selecting Filters from the top toolbar:

To learn more about building standard dashboard filters, visit the Adding and Editing User-Defined Dashboard Filters documentation page.

To learn about turning on dashboard cross-filters, visit the Cross-Filtering Dashboards documentation page.

Configuring other dashboard settings

The dashboard settings can be accessed at the upper left of the dashboard in the blue toolbar. The default settings when you create a dashboard are:

  • Timezone: Each tile’s time zone

  • Run on load: Enabled

  • Autorefresh: Disabled

See the Editing User-Defined Dashboards documentation page for more information about editing these settings.



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