Drilling down into data

Every query result is the starting point for another query or further exploration. Clicking on any data point will drill down, creating another query refined by the data point you clicked. For example, clicking on a category will drill down into that particular category into a query that analyzes the corresponding subcategories.

Drilling deeper…

In the drill overlay, we can see all the corresponding data. From here, we can:

  • Click the Explore from Here button to open an Explore that uses the fields in the drill overlay as a starting point.

  • Click the Download Results button to download the data, using the same options as shown on the Downloading Content documentation page.

    • Users must have explore permissions for the model that the data is based on to download results in PNG format.

  • Click on the drillable Category field for an individual line item, ie Grocery, to see all the Subcategories contributing to Pulse results.

And deeper still…

If we click on a single Subcategory, we will see a list of all corresponding Subsets, allowing us to keep drilling, exploring, and arriving at new insights.



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