Understanding the All Fields and In Use tabs

All Fields tab

The All Fields tab is the starting place for building an Explore. It contains all the fields that are available to select for a query. Similarly to the classic Explore field picker, fields are organized alphanumerically by type (filter-only fields, followed by dimensions and measures) under the name of the view or view label in which they are defined. Each field will show field-specific information and actions, such as a field’s current and potential functions in an Explore.

Selected fields will appear highlighted in gray, and corresponding field icons (pivot, filter) will appear blue when active. For example, when a field is selected, it will appear highlighted gray in the field picker, and you’ll be able to see that the field isn’t pivoted or filtered because the corresponding field icons will appear gray.

Click a field from the All Fields tab to add it to or remove it from an Explore query. Additionally, you can click the appropriate icon to filter, pivot, or perform other field-specific actions from the All Fields tab.

In Use tab

The In Use tab shows all fields that are currently active in an Explore, organized alphanumerically by view or view label, and whether they are dimensions or measures.

The In Use tab also displays an updated Explore summary at the bottom of the tab. The bottom left corner displays the total number of active fields in an Explore. A Go to LookML link is available in the bottom right to users with the see_lookml permission. Go to LookML directs users to the explore definition in its LookML project.

The icons next to each field indicate the field’s current and potential functions in an Explore query. For example, the field “Department” is indicated as filtered by a blue (rather than gray) filter icon.

When a field is in use, you can remove it from an Explore by clicking the field’s name. You can also remove all selected fields (including custom fields and table calculations) by clicking Clear all, or you can remove all fields (including custom fields and table calculations), except those that are active filters, by clicking Clear fields, keep filters. Alternatively, you can choose to filter, pivot, or perform other field-specific actions from the In Use tab by clicking the appropriate field icon.



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