Searching for and sorting saved content

Now that you know how to find saved content, let’s break down how to search and sort content within folders.

Sorting lists of content

Especially when folders start to fill up with a lot of Looks and dashboards, content can sometimes be hard to find. To help make that easier, you can sort content by name, created date, updated date, or favorited date. 

In list view, you can use the sort menu (above the section you’d like to sort) and the ascending/descending arrow, or you can click on the column header to sort the list by that column. Click the header again to switch between ascending and descending.

In grid view, you can use the sort menu and the ascending/descending arrow to sort the icons.

Using list view vs. grid view

When exploring a folder, you can switch between view modes. Making a change to the way your content is displayed within a folder will only affect that folder. Content in other folders will be displayed as the same view mode you last selected for that location.

List view

Centricity defaults to displaying folder content in list view.

In list view, all of the information and icons for content is displayed.

Grid view

To switch to grid view, click on the four-square icon in the top right corner of the list. In grid view, your content will be displayed as thumbnails, which you can hover over to see its icons and descriptions.

Searching for saved content

As an alternative to sorting through lists and folders, you can also search for content within your Centricity instance with specific words or phrases. 

Here’s how to search:

  1. Click on the magnifying glass icon in the top right corner of Centricity.

  2. Enter your search term.

  3. Browse the list of search results. It will include folders, Looks, dashboards, and boards. Only the content you have access to will be included in your search results. 

  4. Click on a search result to view that content.

Curated Search

When Curated Search is enabled, will include content from shared folders, your personal folder, and boards. Search results will not include content from other users’ personal folders, unless that content is also pinned to a board. 

To include content from other users’ personal folders, simply disable Curated Search by clicking the switch on the bottom left corner of the search pop-up screen.

More questions about Centricity? Check out our website or talk to our Support Team.