Intro to boards

What’s a board? How’s it different from a dashboard?

A board is a curation of dashboards and Looks, allowing users to group multiple related queries into one space. Boards help users find the content that is most relevant to them, including descriptions and links to more easily convey use cases to different types of users within your organization.

Creating boards

The default setting when a board is created is for admins and the board creator to have Manage Access, Edit access level. All other users can see the board at the View access level.

When creating a board:

  1. Click on the plus icon next to the “Boards” section in the left sidebar.

  2. Enter a name for your board, then click “Create board.”

  3. The new board will then be added to the “Boards” section of the left sidebar.

You’re then able to manage the content on the board, including adding sections, creating an info section, managing access to the board, and pinning Looks and dashboards.

Adding a board to your list

For boards that are created by other users, you can create a shortcut for quick access by adding that user’s board to your personal list of boards. The Boards section of the left sidebar will contain your personal list of boards, similar to the Favorites section.

To add someone else’s board to your personal list, click “Add to my list” beneath the board’s title. To remove a board from your list, click on the board’s three-dot menu and select “Remove from my list”.

Customizing boards

Arranging content

Users can only arrange content on a board if they have Manage Access, Edit access levels. Other than pinning Looks and dashboards to boards, contributors can arrange the content on a board by:

Any change you make to a board will automatically add you to the list of contributors within the “About this board” information panel.

Adding sections

After creating a board, you’ll see the first default section, named “Untitled section.” Click the pencil icon to change the name of the section.

To add a new section, click “New section” at the bottom of the board. Enter a name for the new section, then you can begin adding content to it.

Reordering sections

Boards can be rearranged by dragging and dropping sections into different locations on the board. To do so, hover over the section you want to move and click the six-dot icon to the left of the section title. Hold the six-dot icon, then drag the section to its new position on the board.

Removing sections

To get rid of a section on a board, click the trash icon to the right of the section, then confirm your deletion in the pop-up window. Be careful when removing sections from a board, as the Looks and dashboards pinned to that section will also be removed.

Moving content within sections

In addition to reordering sections with boards, users can move content around within individual sections of a board. To do so, click and hold on the content you wish to move, then drag and drop it to its new position within the section.

Moving content between sections

To move content from one section to another, click and hold the content you’d like to move, drag it until you’ve reached the desired section, then drop it in its new section. The content will be added to the bottom of that section.

Writing descriptions in boards

Centricity allows you to include descriptions for entire boards, which will be displayed when users select “View all boards,” or you can write descriptions for individual sections of boards, which are only displayed within those sections.

Descriptions for entire boards

In the “About this board” information panel of a board, you can add text description that will appear in the “Description” section. To add or edit this description:

  1. Click the board’s information icon to open the information panel.

  2. Select “Add description” if no description exists, or select the pencil icon to edit an already existing description.

  3. Click “Done” to save the description.

This description can be seen by anyone who can view the board. It can be up to 250 characters long and include URLs and Markdown links.

Description for sections of boards

To add or edit a description for a section:

  1. Click “Add description” beneath the section’s title.

  2. Enter a description of up to 1,300 characters, then press Enter/Return to save the description.

  3. The description will then display under the title of the section.



More questions about Centricity? Check out our website or talk to our Support Team.