Sharing and deleting boards

Note: Only users with the Manage Access, Edit access level are able to share boards. Remember that any user you share a board with must have View access level to be able to access it.

There are two ways to share a board:

  1. Share a link to a board

  2. Send an email notification when you grant access

Share a link to a board

When viewing a board, navigate to the upper right corner and select the “Share” icon. The “Manage access” window will pop up, with a header near the top of the screen titled: “Share this board with someone.” Select and copy the URL field, or click “Copy URL.” Send that link over to whichever users or groups with whom you’d like to share the board.

Sending an email notification when you grant access

When you give a user access to a board, you have the option of sending an email notification to alert those users of their newfound access. When granting access to a group, though, those users won’t receive email notifications unless you also add them as individual users.

To send an email notification, grant access to the user. At the bottom right of the screen, select the “Email the people you have just added” checkbox, then click “Save.”

The individual users you’ve added to the board will receive an email notification from Centricity notifying them that they’ve been granted access at either the View or Manage Access, Edit level.

Deleting a board

Remember that deleting a board is permanent! You will not be able to recover it after deletion.

Also, please note: Only users with the Manage Access, Edit access level are able to delete boards.

Deleting a board will not delete the Looks and dashboards that are pinned to the board, just the dashboard itself. The Looks and dashboards will remain saved in their folders.

To delete a board:

  1. Select the board’s three-dot menu and choose “Delete board.”

  2. Centricity will display a confirmation window. Once you confirm that you want to delete the board, it will be permanently deleted.



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