Organizing and managing content in folders

Centricity users can organize their personal folders as desired, creating subfolders and assigning access to them. However, organizing shared folders is different, as those actions affect other users. For this reason, only particular users have the permissions required to create subfolders, assign access, or make other changes to shared folders.

Copying and moving Looks and dashboards

For those with Manage Access, Edit access levels, you can copy or move its Looks and dashboards to other folders.

If a dashboard has Look-linked tiles, those Looks must be in the same folder as the dashboard. Therefore, if you want to move a Look that is used in a dashboard, Centricity will make a copy of the Look in the new location while also keeping the original in the same folder. This way, moving a Look to a different folder doesn’t remove it from any of the dashboards it’s linked to. Similarly, if you copy or move a dashboard to a different folder, Centricity will also copy and move its linked Looks to the new location.

To move or copy content:

  1. If you’re in list view, check the box to the left of the item you want to change. If you’re in grid view, hover over the thumbnail of the content you want to change, then click the checkmark to select it.

  2. Buttons will appear above the list of Looks or dashboards. Select either Copy or Move. Centricity will then display either the Copy Look(s) or Move Look(s) pop-up.

  3. On the left side of the pop-up, select the name of the top-level folder you’d like to copy or move the content to.

  4. On the right side, select the name of the subfolder you’d like to copy or move the content to.

  5. When you’ve selected the proper folder and subfolder, click OK.

Converting dashboards from Look-linked to query tiles

You can create a dashboard tile two ways:

  1. Link to a saved Look (Look-linked)

  2. Specifying a query directly

Look-linked tiles can cause clutter in folders if there are too many saved Looks that are only needed for one dashboard. To avoid this, you can select one or more dashboards in a folder and convert all of the tiles based on Looks to query tiles.

Alternatively, you can use a dashboard’s three-dot menu to convert the dashboard’s Look-linked tiles to query tiles. You can also use an individual tile’s menu to convert a single tile into a query tile.

You can choose whether to delete the source Looks after they are converted to query tiles. This option only appears for Looks in your dashboard that are:

You’ll be able to see which Looks would be deleted before deciding.

To convert the Look-linked tiles on one or more dashboards to query tiles:

  1. In your folder, select one or more dashboards.

  2. Click the “Convert Looks to Tiles” button.

  3. In the resulting pop-up window, hover over the link at the bottom to see which Looks would be deleted by converting. If you don’t see the link, Centricity won’t be deleting any Looks that are converted.

  4. Click Convert to complete the process of converting all the dashboard’s Look-linked tiles to query tiles.

Centricity then replaces each of the dashboard’s Look-linked tiles with a query tile that uses the same query and visualization settings as the original Look, without storing a saved Look in the folder.

Deleting dashboards and Looks

If you have the Manage Access, Edit access level for a folder, you can delete its Looks and dashboards.

To do so, first check the box to the left of the items you want to delete, then click the Move to Trash button that appears above the list of dashboards or Looks.

Click OK in the confirmation window. If you delete a Look that is the source of a dashboard tile, the dashboard’s Look-linked tile is replaced with a new query tile that uses an equivalent query and visualization.

For dashboards, the confirmation window may also show an option to “Move an additional X Looks associated with the above Dashboards to the Trash.” When checked, this option will delete any Looks associated with the dashboard you’re deleting. However, Centricity will only do so if the Looks meet the same criteria indicated above. Hover over the link at the bottom of the confirmation window to see the list of Looks that will be deleted. Centricity won’t show this option if it hasn’t identified any Looks that can be deleted safely.

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