Dashboard tiles

Each dashboard tile represents a query or Look that can be explored further.


If given permission by your Centricity admin, you can use the bell icon at the upper right of a tile to create or follow an alert on the tile. A numeric indicator will show how many alerts you are permitted to view on that tile.

Tile three-dot menu

Depending on the permissions given to you by your Centricity admin, each tile’s three-dot menu provides the options to:

The three-dot menu may also show when the tile’s data was last refreshed from the database, if the tiles on the dashboard have been refreshed at different times.

Drilling into data points

You can hover over some regions or points in a tile’s visualization to reveal a tooltip that displays more details about the data.

To go deeper, you can click on a region or data point and, depending on the underlying data, an Explore overlay may open automatically, allowing you to drill down into that data point.

Drill menu

Depending on the underlying data and the permissions given to you by your Centricity admin, clicking on a data point in a tile may open the drill menu, which gives you options to drill into the data in various ways.

For example, say you want to know more about Pulse data for Men’s Tops over the last two weeks. Click on the three-dot icon next to Men’s Tops to open the drill menu for that line item:

Centricity will prompt you with three drill options that will take you to a new dashboard:

  1. A dashboard displaying Pulse data at the next level of the Centricity hierarchy. (In this case, Men’s Tops is a subcategory, so the next level down would be a Subsets dashboard, displaying Pulse data for all Subsets of the selected subcategory.)

  2. A dashboard displaying underlying Pulse data for Facets associated with Men’s Tops. This dashboard answers the question of which product attributes are most in demand for the selected line item.

  3. A dashboard displaying Priority Pulse for the selected line item. Priority Pulse allows you to set a threshold for Pulse data, displaying only the content that meets or exceeds a user-defined threshold over a certain time period.

In some instances, you must use right-click to open the drill menu:



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