Downloading and sharing data from a dashboard

Now that you know how to view and edit your dashboards, let’s talk about sharing the data insights provided by individual dashboards.

Scheduling data delivery

Centricity allows you to schedule the delivery of dashboard data periodically to email recipients or to other data destinations. To do this, click the gear icon, select “Schedule,” and fill out the pop-up form. See the Scheduling data deliveries documentation page for more information.

Sending your dashboard immediately

Centricity allows you to send a dashboard immediately in an email to yourself or other people, or send the results from your dashboard to another data destination. To do this, click the gear icon, select “Send,” and fill out the pop-up form.

Downloading your dashboard

Centricity allows you to download your dashboards for storing or sharing purposes. You can download a dashboard as either a zipped collection of CSV files or as a PDF.

Downloading a dashboard as CSV files

  1. Click the gear icon.

  2. Select “Download as CSVs” to begin the download.

The zipped directory will contain individual CSV files for each dashboard tile. Each CSV file includes the formatted data used to create the tile in the dashboard.

Downloading a dashboard as a PDF

  1. Click the gear icon.

  2. Select “Download as a PDF”.

  3. Change the name of the PDF file (optional)

  4. Customize “Advanced options” by expanding that menu (optional)

  5. Click “Download”

Under “Advanced options”, select “Single column format” if you’d like the PDF to display the dashboard tiles in a single vertical column. By leaving the box unchecked, the PDF will display tiles as they’re displayed on your dashboard.

Select “Expand tables” if you’d like to display all rows of a data table, rather than just those rows that display in the dashboard tile thumbnail.

Under “Paper size” you may specify the optimal size and orientation of your PDF. There are several options available in this section.

Downloading data from dashboard tiles

To download data from a specific tile, click the three-dot icon and select “Download data”.

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