Updating data on dashboards

Centricity dashboards aren’t static snapshots of data from a specific time. Dashboards pull data from your live database, and you can update the data on a dashboard at any point. Additionally, if you make edits to a dashboard’s filters, you need to update the dashboard to apply those edits.

If the data for all tiles on the dashboard has been refreshed from the database at roughly the same time, the top right of your dashboard shows how recently the data was updated:

If data has been refreshed from the database at different times for different tiles, you can see when each tile was last refreshed in the tile’s three-dot menu.

If you want to manually update the data on a dashboard, you have several options:

  1. Click the circular reload data icon. In most cases, this is the best option for updating all of your dashboard’s data. This will apply any changes made to dashboard filters; and, depending on the cache settings for your data, this updates the dashboard with any updated data in the cache or refreshes the data for each tile from the database.

  2. Select Clear cache and refresh from the three-dot menu in the upper right of the dashboard. This refreshes the data for all tiles on the dashboard from the database and resets the data cached for the dashboard.

    Note: Using the dashboard-level Clear cache and refresh option on a dashboard that contains many tiles, or tiles built on very large queries or Looks, can cause a strain on your database.

  3. If you want to refresh the data of only a few tiles on your dashboard, it may be faster and less load on your database to use the Clear cache & refresh option in those tiles’ three-dot menus, which refreshes the data for individual tiles from the database and resets their cached data.



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