Viewing the Features dashboard

Centricity’s Overview dashboard is composed of several elements:

  1. Top navigation — The various elements of this section are outlined in the Viewing dashboards documentation page.

  2. Dashboard filtersCentricity filters allow users to limit the data displayed on the dashboard. See the Temporarily changing filter values and cross-filtering dashboards documentation page for details on using filters.

  3. Information panel — Briefly outlines tips for adding new filters and adding additional filter values to existing filters.

  4. Features time series graphs — Pulse by Date

  5. Features pie charts — Pulse by Share

The Features dashboard breaks down Pulse data by Facet groups, allowing you to analyze demand for specific Facets, relative to other related Facets (i.e. Colors, Materials, Size, etc.) Each Facet group included on the Features dashboard can be analyzed on a Features time series graph and a Features pie chart. Scroll through the Features dashboard to display data on the various Facet groups included.

The Features time series graph includes one line per Facet, showing you how Pulse has changed over time. Hover over any data point to see more detail, including the date, Facet name, and Pulse score for the selected day. Click on any of the Facet options listed below the x-axis to hide or show that Facet’s data on the graph.

The Features pie chart displays each Facet’s share of the Total Pulse of its Facet Group. For example, the “Colors by Share” pie chart above shows that the Black Facet accounted for 44.41% of the Total Pulse measured for the Color Facet Group during the selected time period. Hover over any section of the pie chart to see more detail, including the Facet name and underlying raw Pulse score.





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