Drilling into a Look

In Centricity Looks, you can drill into a value on your report. For example, you could click on the Total Sales where the Department is Dairy and the Category is Yogurt.

Note: The example Look we use in this section uses sample data that we invented for the purpose of this document.

By clicking on the three-dot menu, you can select “Drill into YOGURT by State”. Centricity will then display a Details window about Yogurt sales by State.

For datasets where the row limit is reached in the Details window, Centricity will provide a link for downloading the complete set of results. Either way, though, you’ll have the option of downloading the results from drilling into the Look.

Because Centricity provides geolocation data, drill visualizations provide the option to display Drill data as either a Heatmap or a data table. When the default visualization from a drill is not the one you prefer, buttons at the top of the Details window will allow you to switch between the default visualization and a data table.

Drilling into a Look’s visualization

Centricity also allows you to find more specific information about a data point by drilling into a Look’s visualization. To do so, click on the section of the visualization you’d like to explore further.

You can choose which type of drill to perform when you click on the item of interest.

In the example above, we’re clicking on a specific point of interest on a Heatmap showing hotspots of Intent for Extracts, Herbs, Spices and Seasonings. We have two options to choose from:

  1. Drilling into the Category Extracts, Herbs, Spices and Seasonings by State. This option would show us another Heatmap that analyzes statewide and countywide interest in that particular category.

  2. Drilling into the Dashboard option for Subcategories of Extracts, Herbs, Spices and Seasonings would take you to a dashboard that shows Intent data for all relevant Subcategories.

The drilling options that appear to you will change depending upon the data and visualization you’re using.

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