Downloading data from a Look or Explore

This page will walk you through downloading data or visualizations from Looks or queries in the Explore section. For information on doing the same on dashboards, refer to the Downloading data from a dashboard page.

To start the download process, navigate to your desired Look or query and click the gear menu in the upper right and select “Download.”

This opens a Download window, where you can name and format your download:

File formats

Centricity data can be downloaded in the following formats.

For dashboards:

  • PDF

  • CSV

For Looks and Explores:

  • TXT

  • Excel spreadsheet (2007 or later)

  • CSV

  • JSON

  • HTML


  • PNG

For Centricity developers, if you are in Development Mode, data downloads for most file formats will query your model as found in Development Mode. However, PDF and PNG files are an exception, querying your model as if it is in Production Mode.


In the “Results” section of the download window, you’ll be able to choose whether you want visualization settings applied to your data download.

  • By selecting “With visualization options applied,” Centricity will apply some of the visualizations to your download, which will make your download appear similar to a table chart. Any of the following applicable settings in the Plot, Series, and Formatting menus will be applied to the data download:

    • Show raw numbers

    • Hide totals

    • Hide row totals

    • Limit displayed rows

    • Show full field name

    • Custom labels (for each column)

    • Conditional formatting (for Excel format downloads)

  • By selecting “As displayed in the data table,” visualization options won’t be applied, meaning the download will appear like the data table of the Look or Explore, rather than as a visualization.


In the Values section, you have two choices for how you’d like the downloaded query results to appear:

  • Unformatted: No special formatting of query results, such as rounding long numbers or adding special characters, is applied by Centricity. This option is often used when data is being fed into another tool for processing.

  • Formatted: Centricity will present the data more similar to the Explore experience, although some features aren’t supported by all file types.


You can customize how much data you’d like to download, restricted in the following categories:

  • Results in table: Number of rows specified by the row limit of your Look

  • All results: All results from the query. Further details below.

  • Custom: A custom number of rows, as determined by your Centricity user permissions.

All results

When you run a Look or Explore, Centricity checks your permissions and determines whether the complexity of the query will allow the entirety of the results to be downloaded. If you have the permissions and if Centricity determines that the all results can be downloaded, the “All results” option will appear in the Download window.

Under the following conditions, the “All results” option will be unavailable:

  • The query involves row totals or table calculations

  • The query uses a percent of total, percent of previous, or running totals types of measures

  • The query retrieves data from a database dialect that cannot stream results

  • The query includes pivoted columns that Centricity calculates because the data comes from a database dialect that cannot calculate the pivots

If the “All results” option is unavailable, you may use the “Custom” option to set the maximum number of rows allowed with your unique permissions.

Download or Open in Browser

After selecting your download options, you can click “Download” to download the file to your computer, or click “Open in Browser” to view the file in your browser.

Expand tables

If you’d like to display all rows of data included in a query, rather than just the rows that fit within the dashboard tile thumbnail, check the “Expand tables” box.

Paper size

If you’d like to specify the optimal size and orientation of downloaded PDFs, select from various options in the “Paper size” drop-down menu. This is a helpful option when displaying large visualizations or groups of overlapping dashboard tiles on a PDF page.



More questions about Centricity? Check out our website or talk to our Support Team.