Sharing Centricity content publicly

Note: Only those with the create_public_looks permission may share saved Centricity content publicly.

Creating public access to Centricity content allows you to share your data with an audience that doesn’t require viewers be Centricity users. When public access is enabled on a Look, Centricity will provide a list of shortened URLs that can be accessed by anyone with the link. These include:

Enabling public access

  1. Select the Browse menu and navigate the content you’d like to share.

  2. Click the Look’s three-dot menu, then select “Edit settings”

  3. In the Settings window, turn on the “Public Access” option.

  4. Save your updated settings (this will give you access to the URLs outlined above.)

To access the data provided in the public URL, just paste the URL into your browser. The 32-character hash that appears in the URL should make it unguessable, so no external users will be able to access the data without explicitly being shown the URL. However, anyone with access to the URL will also be able to access the data within the Look, so be cautious when making Centricity content public, and never include sensitive information.

Default application of visualization and value_format settings

Centricity keeps any value_format settings you’ve specified. Centricity will also apply some visualization settings to public URLs, causing data to appear similar to a table chart. Indicated settings for Plot and Series visualizations will be applied to public URLs:

  • Show row numbers

  • Hide totals

  • Hide row totals

  • Limit displayed rows

  • Show full field name

  • Custom labels

Removing visualization or value_format options

The application of visualization options is displayed in the URL as the apply_vis=true argument. If you’d like to remove visualization options, simply remove the apply_vis=true from the URL.

Public embedding with iframe tags

You can embed Centricity content into websites by using iframe tags. To embed the chart within a Look, use the “Embed Visualization” iframe code. To embed the table within a Look, use the “Embed Data Table” iframe code.

Importing to Google or Excel spreadsheets

Centricity users can pull results from queries directly into a Google or Excel spreadsheet, without having to download the results.

Google spreadsheets

To import the data into a Google spreadsheet, copy the “Google spreadsheet” formula from the Look’s Settings menu. Paste the formula into the cell of a Google spreadsheet, then hit Enter.


To import the data into Microsoft Excel, download a .iqy file by:

  1. Enabling public access to the content.

  2. Saving the settings, then clicking the download link next to the Excel Web Query File section of the Look’s Settings window.

  3. Import the .iqy file into Excel, according to the specifications with your particular version of Excel.



More questions about Centricity? Check out our website or talk to our Support Team.