Sending one-time data deliveries

The Send function is available for any Centricity query, whether it’s saved as a Look or dashboard, or if it’s a simple one-time query.

Sending a query

For content that isn’t saved, such as one-time data insights generated in an Explore, you can choose your delivery method from the gear menu in the upper right corner of the query.

After clicking on the gear menu, select “Send”.

From there, you’ll select delivery method, destination, and format.

Sending a Look or dashboard

For saved content, you’ll find the Send option either in the gear menu on a Look or dashboard:

Or in the three-dot menu on the folder in which the content is saved:

From there, you’ll select delivery method, destination, and format, as detailed below.

Options before sending

Various options are available for delivery method, destination, and format before sending content, but those data options will differ depending on whether you’re sending an Explore, a Look, or a dashboard.

Choose a name

Give the content you’re sending a name in the Title field. The content’s title will be used in the email’s subject time, as well as in the file name, should you select an option that includes the content as an attachment.

Select a destination

This option is titled Where should this data go?, offering several destination options for data delivery. Each option will give you different formatting and delivery settings, which you can customize before sending. For details on each option, click on the links below.

After selecting a delivery option, a new field will appear where you can add specific details about that destination, such as an email address.

Choosing a data format

Each of the destinations listed above offers different data formatting options. For specific information on each, click on the corresponding link.

Applying filers to data deliveries

If your saved content has filters already in place, you can add filters to the particular data set you’d like to send. For example, when sending Centricity content to a team in a particular region, you may want to filter the data to include only the counties of interest to that team.

Once already in the “Send” or “Schedule” window, click Filters to review or modify the filters associated with the content of your data delivery. Changing these filter values in the “Send” or “Schedule” windows won’t change the filters on the content itself.



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