Sharing data from URLs

Sharing queries and Looks can be done as easily as sharing the URL that hosts the desired content. Between Centricity users, you’ll only need to copy the Centricity URL and share, but for those who aren’t Centricity users already, you’ll need to publish your content with a public URL before sharing.

When sharing content, please remember that you’ll be sharing the query within the Look, rather than the Look itself. This means that the data within your shared content may change over time, even as quickly as between the time you viewed it and the time you share it. For instance, if you set up a report to look at “today,” the data will likely change if the user opens the URL the day after you share it.

For security purposes, remember that non-public URLs are only accessible to other users within your organization’s Centricity instance. Your data will remain private, so long as you don’t choose to publish your content to a public URL.

There are a few different ways to share Centricity URLs:

Browser URL

This is the most straightforward way to share a Centricity URL. Simply copy and paste the URL from your browser and share it with another Centricity user.

Short URL

Centricity offers the ability to share shortened URLs with other Centricity users. To do so, click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the content page, select “Share,” then copy the URL under the “Short URL” label.

Expanded URL

In the same section under the gear icon > “Share,” you’ll find the “Expanded URL” label. This URL contains all the details of the query, including fields and filters, which can be useful for developers who may want to modify a URL.



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