Scheduling and sending dashboards

This page is about scheduling and sending a dashboard. Centricity lets you schedule immediate or recurring delivery of dashboards. Depending on how your Centricity admin has set up your permissions for data delivery, you can deliver your content to one of Centricity’s native delivery destinations: email, a webhook, an Amazon S3 bucket, or an SFTP server. Depending on your permissions, you can also schedule a data delivery to a third-party service that is integrated with Centricity, such as Slack.

If there are valid results in cache, Centricity will deliver cached results. If there are no results or if the cached results have expired, Centricity will rerun the query and those results will be cached.

Starting a delivery from a dashboard

Make sure the dashboard is not in edit mode. Click the three-dot menu in the upper right of the dashboard and choose Schedule delivery. If you do not see the Schedule delivery option, talk to your Centricity admin about your assigned permissions:

Once you click Schedule delivery, either an existing schedules window appears or a schedule and send window appears, depending on whether or not you have already created existing schedules on the dashboard.

You can also start a delivery of a dashboard from a folder. Select Add Schedule or Send from the three-dot menu on the right side of that dashboard’s row (in list view) or from the three-dot menu at the top right of the thumbnail (in grid view). Deliveries started from a folder use the scheduler described on the Starting a schedule from a folder documentation page.

Existing schedules window

If you have already created schedules for this dashboard, an existing schedules window appears that shows the schedules you have set along with some information about each one, such as destination and format. Deliveries using the Send now recurrence and schedules made by other people do not appear in this window.

Click Send now to send an immediate delivery of existing scheduled content without disrupting the scheduled cadence.

Click the three-dot menu to editduplicate, or delete a schedule.

Click Done to exit the window.

Click New to open the schedule and send window and create a new schedule or immediately send a new delivery.

Schedule and send now

If you click New from the existing schedules window, or, if you do not have any pre-existing schedules for the dashboard, a schedule and send window opens. This window allows you to customize recurrence, destination, format, filters, and more:

The Settings tab in the schedule and send window allows you to customize your delivery’s recurrence, destination, format, and more.



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