Scheduling data deliveries

Centricity allows for customized, periodic delivery of dashboards, Look visualizations, and Look data. Depending on how your organization’s admin has set up your permissions, you may be able to schedule data deliveries via email, a webhook, Amazon S3 bucket, or an SFTP server.

If there are valid results in cache, Centricity will deliver those cached results. If there are no results or if the cached results have expired, Centricity will rerun the applicable query and cache those results.

Customizing data deliveries

Centricity users have several options for customizing data deliveries. You can schedule periodic deliveries, such as delivering a specific dashboard every other Friday. For Looks, you can create a schedule that requires data to have changed since the last delivery to trigger a new delivery. You can also trigger a delivery to occur when a query’s datagroup parameter has been updated, or you can apply filters for your schedule.

Starting a schedule

You can create a schedule for all types of Centricity content — dashboards, Looks, and Explores.

The first option is to find the content you want to schedule through the Browse tab. Click the item’s three-dot menu and choose “Edit Schedule” (if there is already a schedule in place for the item) or “Add Schedule” (if there isn’t yet a schedule in place).

You can also create a schedule for a dashboard, Look, or Explore while you’re viewing it. For dashboards and Looks, click “Schedule” in the gear menu. For Explores, click “Save and Schedule” to save your choices as a Look, then schedule that Look for delivery.

For Looks, you can also select “Create Schedules” in the side panel of the Look. From there, you can choose delivery method, destination, and format.