Options, formatting, and choosing a destination

Once you start creating a schedule, Centricity will prompt you with several customization options for your delivery.

Options and formatting

In the pop-up window displaying your scheduling choices, you’ll see all schedules created for this content in the left panel. If this is the first schedule you’re creating for this content, the main panel will include default values for all scheduling options. Modify these values as needed. If you have already created schedules for this specific content, the main panel will include the saved scheduled settings.

To edit an existing schedule, select that schedule and change the options, then save.

To create additional schedules for the same content, click “New” and customize the settings, then save.

Naming the schedule

Name your schedule in the corresponding field at the top of the pop-up window. The title will then appear in the left panel after you save the schedule.

Choosing a delivery destination

Depending on your organization’s Centricity configurations, the default delivery destination may be email, and this setting may not be visible.

For those with the option of choosing a delivery destination, each listed destination will offer different data formatting and other delivery options. For specific information about each destination’s settings, follow the corresponding links:

  • Email

  • Amazon S3 bucket

  • SFTP server

  • Applications using webhook

  • Integrated services

Settings specific to each data destination will appear once selected.

Choosing a data format

The data formats available for your schedule depend on the selected destination. For more information about each destination’s settings, follow the corresponding links above.