Reviewing your subscription status

The Subscription Management center tells users all they need to know about their organization’s subscription to Centricity.

There are three main elements included in the Subscription Management center:

  1. The Active Subscription panel

  2. The Pending Requests panel

  3. The Notifications menu

Active Subscription panel

The Active Subscription panel displays all of the Departments, Categories, and Subcategories your organization is subscribed to—and thus has access to within the Centricity platform. All Centricity users within your organization have access to the entirety of what’s included in the Active Subscription panel.

You can browse through the insights available to you by scrolling through the Active Subscription panel or typing in the Search bar. The top-right of the panel also includes buttons to either Add categories or Remove categories.

Pending Requests panel

The Pending Requests panel displays all insight requests that have been placed by members of your organization, but have yet to be reviewed by an administrator. Any request that is placed within your organization is viewable by all of your organization’s users. Once an administrator approves or declines a request, it is removed from the Pending Requests panel. If an administrator approves a request, the included Departments, Categories, and Subcategories will be moved to the Active Subscription panel.

Notification menu

You can open the Notification menu by clicking on the bell icon in the top navigation bar. Close it by clicking on the bell icon again.

Regular users and administrators receive different kinds of notifications.

For regular users:

Regular users will receive a notification any time an administrator approves or denies an insight request, no matter if the user placed the request him/herself.

For administrators:

Administrators are only notified when regular users submit insight requests. Centricity will alert administrators when a user submits a request, but they will not receive notifications when requests are approved or denied.